Plugs and Caps

UHPLC plugs and caps

Use a plug to close off an unused port in a valve, manifold, or column. Ordinary plugs consist of a zero volume nut with a ferrule made up on a solid rod. These special high pressure versions have the ferrule and rod machined as a single, solid piece.

A cap is essentially a piece of hex stock with a zero volume fitting detail machined into it, but with no through hole.

Type Size Length* Product No.
Plugs 1/32" .30" ZP.5H
1/16" .43" ZP1H
.75" LZP1H
1/8" .57" ZP2H
.82" LZP2H
Caps 1/32" .380"
1/16" .460" ZC1
1/8" .625" ZC2