Sample Loops for Diaphragm Valves

diaphragm valve sample loop

Loops are electrolytically cut and electrochemically polished to insure square, burr-free ends, then cleaned with microfiltered steam from deionized water.

Sample loops are accurately sized for each valve type. However, with small volume loops the tolerance on the ID of the tubing (± 0.001") can have a significant effect on the volume. Therefore loop volume and loop appearance may differ from batch to batch.

Loops includes two stainless steel nuts and ferrules.

Product No.
1/32" 2 µl SL2NW
5 µl SL5NW
10 µl SL10NW
15 µl SL15NW
20 µl SL20NW
25 µl SL25NW
50 µl SL50NW
100 µl SL100NW
250 µl SL250NW
500 µl SL500NW
1/16" 2 µl CSL2
5 µl CSL5
10 µl CSL10
20 µl CSL20
50 µl CSL50
100 µl CSL100
250 µl CSL250
500 µl CSL500
1 ml CSL1K
2 ml CSL2K
5 ml CSL5K
10 ml CSL10K



Sample loop shape and dimensions may vary from batch to batch due to fluctuations in tubing ID. Loop volume is controlled as closely as possible, but is not calibrated.


Contact us for more info about optional materials such as electroformed nickel or Nickel 200.