The VICI-cap is the most economical way to helium sparge and deliver HPLC mobile phases. The insert is manufactured from PTFE with an EPDM* O-ring and a polypropylene screw cap.

The VICI-cap is available for either GL45 or S40 threaded bottles. It has a 1/4-28 female port and three ports for tubing insertion: two 1/8" tubing ports and a 1/16" tubing port. The tubing ports are made so that you push the tubing through the hole, while 1/4-28 fittings provide the best connection. Unused ports can be plugged as required.

* Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

Thread type Product No.
GL-45 JR-9000-0001
S40 JR-9000-0006



The VICI-cap is not usable for building up a helium atmosphere within the solvent bottle. It is only designed for continuous helium sparging.