Perifit™ Fittings for Peristaltic Tubing

Perifit fittings

The Cheminert Perifit™ is a unique fitting with a barb on one end and a 1/4-28 female fitting on the other, for connecting a FIA line with the most commonly used peristaltic tubing. The fitting is compact and easy to install while providing a secure, trouble-free connection. A Perifit can be used as a "stop" on standard inexpensive Tygon® tubing, eliminating the need to buy the more expensive pre-cut tubing with pre-installed stops.

Unlike many competitive systems, Perifits are reusable as the tubing wears. Three sizes of Perifits are available to cover the range of tubing most commonly used in FIA.

Use with tubing ID: Product No.
0.50 to 1.02 mm C-PFS
1.12 to 1.65 mm C-PFM
1.85 to 2.29 mm C-PFL