Sampling and Switching Valves

diaphragm valve
6 port diaphragm valve
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VICI 6 port and 10 port mini diaphragm valves for process GC can perform a wide variety of sample injection and switching functions. Valves are rated for 300 psi gas at 175°C, with Valco zero dead volume fittings for 1/32" or 1/16" tubing.

Actuator air (40-50 psi) is supplied to a side port with 10-32 female threads, permitting use of a variety of compression or barbed fittings. A 3-way solenoid is required for actuation. (Order separately.)

The valve is typically used for applications in which the sample is above ambient pressure, but can also be used at subambient pressures, such as when the sample is pulled through the valve by vacuum.

Includes stainless steel nuts and ferrules.

Bore Number
of ports
Product No.
1/32” 0.25 mm
6 DV13-1116
10 DV13-1110
1/16” 0.40 mm
6 DV23-2116
l0 DV23-2110
0.75 mm
6 DV23-3116
l0 DV23-3110
Optional mounting kit DVBRKIT
Optional purge ring DV22-PURGE




  • Use the optional mounting kit, a ring that screws to a panel and clamps the valve collar, to surface mount a diaphragm valve.
  • Purging improves sensitivity by preventing any air from diffusing into the flow path. The optional purge ring is equipped with two 1/16" ports for the purge gas inlet and outlet.
diaphragm valve purge option