• Materials of construction
    The cap is Nitronic 60 stainless (optional Hastelloy C or Type 316 stainless), with remaining metal parts of 300 series stainless. The diaphragm is formed from a specialized polyimide.
  • Dimensions
    Valve diameter is 35 mm (1.375"), height is 42 mm (1.625"), and weight is less than 255 g (9 oz).
  • Fittings
    The valve cap has Valco 1/32" or 1/16" ZDV fitting details - a rugged design which allows easy replacement of tubing or of the valve itself.
  • Bore
    Standard bore size is 0.40 mm (.016" ).
    Optional bore sizes are 0.25 mm (.010") and 0.75 mm (.030").
  • Temperature and pressure
    The sampling/switching valve can be operated at temperatures up to 175°C at 300 psi gas. Specs for internal sample valves are 50°C at 750 psi liquid.
  • Actuation
    Actuator air (40-50 psi) is supplied to a side port with 10-32 female threads, permitting use of a variety of compression or barbed fittings. A 3-way solenoid is required for actuation. (Order separately.)
  • Lifetime
    Diaphragm valve lifetime can exceed 1,000,000 cycles at ambient temperature or 500,000 cycles at 175°C.