Valves for LC/FIA

Valves for LC and FIA

Cheminert low pressure injectors and selectors generally operate at up to 250 psi liquid. Versions are available with 1/16" Valco ZDV fittings or 1/4-28 fittings for 1/16" or 1/8" tubing.

Low pressure fittings

Cheminert low pressure fittings

The Cheminert low pressure fittings are ideally suited for flow injection analysis, low pressure liquid chromatography, and stream sampling devices. They may be safely used at pressures up to 500 psi and temperatures to 50C.

Polymeric tubing

stainless fittings

Our pre-cut polymeric tubing is square cut and ready to use. Available in PTFE, FEP, and ETFE.

Syringe-free pump

syringe-free pump

The M Series syringe-free pump is a syringe-free pump capable of delivering a bidirectional flow to six orders of magnitude.

FIA accessories


Flow Injection Analysis is a simple and versatile analytical technology for automating wet chemical analysis, based on the physical and chemical manipulation of a dispersed sample zone formed from the injection of the sample into a flowing carrier stream and detection downstream.

The power of FIA as an analytical tool lies in its ability to combine three analytical functions – sampling, sample processing, and detection – in a wide variety of different ways to create a broad range of different methodologies, and to perform these methodologies rapidly and automatically with minute (µL) amounts of sample.