Collection of Fractions at Timed Intervals for Later Analysis

ST flowpath selectors are used for multi-trap, multi-column, or multi-sample operations. A typical application, shown here, is the collection of fractions at timed intervals for analysis at a later time. In step 1, the 6 port valve is in the collection/trapping mode, with loop 4 selected for filling. In step 2, the 6 port valve is in the analysis/desorption mode, with the contents of loop 4 going to the column.

Valves can be ordered with matched loops already installed. Both valves can be supplied with pneumatic or electric actuators to automate these functions.

Click below to change the valve position. (Currently shown in Step 1 position)

1: Loop 4 selected for filling, 6 port valve in collection/trapping mode

Step 1

2: Contents of loop 4 go to the column, 6 port valve in analysis/desorption mode

Step 2