Analysis of Process Streams with Differing Upstream Pressures

SF flowpath selectors select one of 4 to 16 streams, with the selected stream flowing from the valve outlet to a sample valve, pressure sensor, detector, column, etc., and each non-selected stream flowing to an individual dedicated outlet. This is the ideal solution when reactions or process streams with differing upstream pressures must be analyzed, and can also provide independent containment of toxic or noxious streams.

An SF valve together with a 6 port sampling valve and pneumatic or electric actuators comprise a complete sampling system for the automated analysis of up to 16 sample points. In step 1, stream 4 is selected and the sample loop on the 6 port valve is loaded. In step 2, the 6 port valve is switched, injecting the sample. Step 3 advances the SF valve to stream 1, and the cycle is repeated.

Click below to change the valve position. (Currently shown in Step 1 position)

1: Sample pulled from the selected stream 4 into the sample loop of the injector

Step 1

2: Contents of the sample loop injected onto the column

Step 2

3: Sample loop filled with contents from stream 1

Step 3