Air Quality Monitoring

SC flowpath selectors select one of 4 to 16 streams, with the selected stream flowing from the valve outlet to a sample valve, pressure sensor, detector, column, etc., and the non-selected streams flowing to a common outlet. This configuration is ideal for air quality monitoring; since the non-selected streams are continuously pulled through the valve, the most current sample will be provided as each point is selected for analysis.

In step 1, stream 1 is selected and the sample loop on the 6 port valve is loaded. In step 2, the 6 port valve is switched, injecting the sample. Step 3 advances the SC valve to Stream 2, and the cycle is repeated.

Click below to change the valve position. (Currently shown in Step 1 position)

1: Sample pulled from selected inlet 1 into the sample loop of the injector

Step 1

2: Contents of the sample loop injected onto the column

Step 2

3: Sample loop filled with contents from inlet 2

Step 3