Microelectric Actuators for Selectors (Multiposition Valves)

microelectic valve actuator
  • CE-certified
  • Direction reversal
  • Position indication
    • LED display
    • RS-232 output
    • BCD 5V negative true output
  • Manual control
    • Step and home functions
    • Clockwise and counterclockwise functions
  • Remote control
    • Step and home functions with contact closure
    • Direct position access with BCD 5V negative true output
    • Direct position access with RS-232 input (RS-485 optional)
  • Automatic self-alignment with keyed valves and standoffs
Product numbers for: Actuators
RS-232 interface cable
Multi-drop cables to control multiple actuators
Plug-and-play cables

One actuator can be used on any selector, from 2 to 96 positions - you tell the actuator how many stops to make through its 360° of rotation. So you can stock only one type of actuator even if you have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 position valves. Valve position memory is maintained even in the event of a power failure.

The direction reversal feature means that if a 6 position stream selection valve is on stream 1 and you select stream 6, you have the option of stepping "backwards" to stream 6 instead of passing through 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The RS-232 input offers various commands like position access, direction control, shortest route, etc. (The RS-232 cable must be ordered separately.)

Some valves are harder or easier than others to rotate, so we offer two microelectric models - high speed and high torque. WHICH MODEL DO I NEED? link

Multiposition microelectric actuators

Standard voltage 24 VDC. Autosensing 24 VDC power supply is included.

Model Hardware Product No.
High speed
closemount EMH
2" keyed standoff EMH2
3" keyed standoff EMH3
4" keyed standoff EMH4
6" keyed standoff EMH6
for use w/existing standoff EMHS
High torque
closemount EMT
2" keyed standoff EMT2
3" keyed standoff EMT3
4" keyed standoff EMT4
6" keyed standoff EMT6
for use w/existing standoff EMTS

RS-232 interface cable

An RS-232 cable is required for controlling an actuator from a computer serial port.

Description Product No.
RS-232 interface cable I-22697

Multi-drop cables

Multi-drop cables permit a single serial port to control multiple microelectric two position and multiposition actuators. Multi-drop cables have one female DB9 connector and 2 to 8 male DB9 connectors and are approximately 6" long.

Note: An RS-232 interface cable (I-22697) is required for each actuator controlled serially.

No. of actuators
to be controlled
Product No.
2 I-22897-02
3 I-22897-03
4 I-22897-04
5 I-22897-05
6 I-22897-06
8 I-22897-08

Plug-and-play cables

Plug-and-play cables will allow a direct connection and control between a specific instrument and a multiposition microelectric actuator. Contact technical support for cables for other instruments.

Description Product No.
BCD cable, multiposition microelectric actuator to: Agilent 6890 GC V-EMPMCR-HP6890
Agilent Network 6890 GC V-EMPMCR-HP6890N
Agilent 7890 GC V-EMPMCR-HP6890N
For 4 and 6 column selector* to: Agilent 1100 LC V-EMPMCR-HP1100
Waters Alliance LC V-EMPMCR-WA2690
For 8 and 10 column selector* to: Agilent 1100 LC V-EMPMCR-HP1100-10
Waters Alliance LC V-EMPMCR-WA269010

* Requires a specific software setting in the actuator control module





In the product number tables on this page, an actuator can be specified with closemount hardware, with a standoff (2", 3", 4", or 6"), or with just the standoff mounting hardware, if your valve already has a standoff.

Valves which will be mounted in ovens require a standoff assembly, which locates the actuator out of the heated zone.