Featured new products

Fast temperature programmer

The fast temperature programmer provides precise temperature programming with rapid heating and cooling of a low mass nickel-clad or nickel-wire column. Ideal for fast, portable GCs, but easily employed on any GC or analyzer.

single column temperature controller

Miniature PDD

The newest member of the PDD family is also the smallest and thriftiest, using only about one fifth (20%) the amount of helium as the D-3 or D-4. With its reduced size, weight, and helium consumption, it is particularly well suited to portable applications.

miniature pulsed discharge detector

Fast GC conversion kit for 6890 and 7890

Achieve increased productivity and efficiency with the VICI Fast GC conversion kit, which includes a bundled nickel-clad or nickel wire-wrapped ValcoBond column and our column temperature controller.

Fast GC conversion kit

Emerging Applications

Many of the products and techniques we have developed for chromatography are ideal for application in other areas of growing interest and activity.

Isotope synthesis

low pressure valve

Fluordeoxyglucose F18 is a radiolabelled component used in positron emission tomography (PET), a scanning technique becoming invaluable in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Much of the equipment created for the synthesis of F18, N13, O15, and C11 utilizes off-the-shelf components from our product lines.

Bead flow cytometry

plugs and caps

Researchers involved in the growing field of flow cytometry have discovered that many of our standard products for liquid handling are ideal off-the-shelf components for automated sample preparation, handling, mixing, and delivery.

Proteomics research

UHPLC injector

As our valves, tubing, and fittings become capable of handling smaller and smaller sample volumes at higher and higher pressures, the time required for the incredibly complex separations involved is radically reduced.

Liquid brachytherapy

Valco Instruments is partnering with The Gabriel Institute to pursue pioneering work in liquid brachytherapy — the direct administration of therapeutic isotopes into tumors.

Armored fiber optic cable

Our nickel-clad armored fiber optic cable can withstand the toughest environments — high temperatures, high pressures, and harsh vibrations.

Electrospray nozzles

Our nozzles are made of pure electroformed nickel or nickel cobalt. The interior surface of the tubing is very smooth, yielding reduced carryover contamination.